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 new website devoted to the music and life of Brecht composer Hanns Eisler. For nearly 30 years, German composer Hanns Eisler was playwright Bertolt Brecht's closest musical collaborator. Composing the music for seven of Brecht's plays and more than 100 of his songs and poems, the Brecht-Eisler team was one of the most creative friendships between a writer and a musician in the 20th century. Nearly forgotten in the United States after his forced departure in 1948 as a "Communist subversive," Eisler's life work--which includes concert lieder, music for film and stage, militant protest songs, twelve-tone chamber music, children's songs, cantatas, an oratorio and the monumental "German Symphony"--is beginning again to attract the attention of American music lovers. The Hanns Eisler website includes articles on the composer's dramatic life, the theories about the social function of art developed by Brecht and Eisler, and a complete list of CDs wth links to and other e-commerce sites where Eisler CDs can be purchased. For more information, write to the Hanns Eisler Forum in Cleveland, Ohio, at Keywords: Hanns Eisler Hans Eisler Bertolt Brecht Arnold Schoenberg Arnold Schönberg Weimar Republic Germany Berlin cabaret Kurt Weill Ernst Busch Gisela May Matthias Goerne HK Gruber Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau world music Joris Ivens Clifford Odets Leonard Bernstein Aaron Copland Roger Sessions Elie Siegmeister Marc Blitzstein Charlie Chaplin German exiles in Hollywood Hollywood Ten blacklist McCarthy Era HUAC Un-American Activities lehrstueck lehrstück,,, torrent search