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The North American Hanns Eisler Forum promotes appreciation of a great composer who tried to bridge the gap between classical and popular music. Our mission is to encourage performance of Eisler's chamber, theater, choral and piano music in North America. Our website is a resource both for casual visitors encountering Eisler's music for the first time and for musicians, music students and music lovers who want to learn more about the composer.

You're invited to explore: we offer a broad selection of RealAudio music samples, translations of texts set by Eisler to music, and direct links to e-commerce sites where you can purchase Eisler CDs, film videos and DVDs with Eisler scores, and books about Hanns Eisler and his close friend and creative partner, Bertolt Brecht. If you have any questions about this site, please contact one of our editors at the e-mail addresses provided at the end of this page.

The editors acknowledge the generous assistance of our friends and colleagues in the International Hanns Eisler Society and the Archive Foundation of the Academy of Arts, Berlin-Brandenburg.

This website is dedicated to the many talented artists—Matthias Goerne, Christoph Keller, HK Gruber, Heiner Goebbels, Robyn Archer, Wolfgang Holzmair and others—who are keeping the music of Hanns Eisler alive in the 21st century.

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Please note: Copyrighted audio samples and texts are provided on this site for educational purposes only. They may not be reproduced and distributed in any form without the express consent of the copyright holder. Please take advantage of our many links to e-commerce sites to purchase the original CDs or books from which these excerpts have been taken.

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For nearly 30 years, German composer Hanns Eisler was playwright Bertolt Brecht's closest musical collaborator. Composing the music for seven of Brecht's plays and more than 100 of his songs and poems, the Brecht-Eisler team was one of the most creative partnerships between a writer and a musician in the 20th century. Nearly forgotten in the United States after his forced departure in 1948 as a suspected "Communist subversive," Eisler's life work—which includes concert lieder, music for film and stage, militant protest songs, twelve-tone chamber music, children’s songs, cantatas, an oratorio and the monumental "German Symphony"—is beginning again to attract the attention of American music lovers.